Entrepreneurship and innovation management in emerging economies: a review

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José Luis López Salazar
Diego Marcelo Almeida López
José Fernando López Aguirre


The findings of a comparative research study on entrepreneurial activity in developing economies are presented in this report. It focuses on providing the core knowledge necessary for business owners to succeed in the present business climate. The regulatory Framework associated with innovative entrepreneurship and the elements that affect entrepreneurship and innovation has been investigated as part of this study. Several factors influence the actions of individuals who have the potential to become business owners. These elements range from the initial impulse of becoming an entrepreneur to the con, as well as the aspects that affect entrepreneurship and innovation and tacts required to help solve difficulties as the business gets off the ground and expands. This study aims to determine the primary elements that either encourage or discourage entrepreneurial activity throughout the early stages of the entrepreneurial process in developing economies. Innovation and entrepreneurship management have become critical to the long-term success of any business. A global phenomenon and order of the day in this century is entrepreneurship, which can fuel the economic growth of a country and has genuinely become a socially and economically phenomenon across the globe. Innovation and entrepreneurship management are critical competitive advantages to succeed in today's globalized world. According to research, a company must have strong entrepreneurship and an equally vital innovation component to thrive in today's dynamic and constantly changing environment.


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López Salazar, J. L. ., Almeida López, D. M. ., & López Aguirre, J. F. (2022). Entrepreneurship and innovation management in emerging economies: a review. Revista Imaginario Social, 5(2). Recuperado a partir de https://revista-imaginariosocial.com/index.php/es/article/view/88